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‘ve been wondering a lot lately about the nitty-gritty details of how exactly a flower becomes a vegetable. I get that it’s all stages, but how, precisely, do petals become pepper skins? How do pretty pink blossoms become beans?

Still not sure…but it sure is happening!

A tiny little baby bean

Then I started thinking, these beans are supposed to be 45 days to harvest…they should be bigger than this. I mean, no pressure because I’m still in awe that plants can produce fruit at all, given that they consume only sunshine and rain (or in the case of this inadvertent gardener, water from my kitchen sink and Algoflash), but still…where’s the bean?

Upon closer inspection, which required significant intrusion into their personal space (it was the flora equivalent of going to the gyno for the dreaded annual female exam as I lifted their leaves and poked around underneath), I found there are beans a plenty! Not quite ready for picking, but growing impressively nonetheless!

How was this guy been hiding from me? Maybe because unless you’re looking, a bean looks like a bean-plant stem!

In other gardening news, it appears tomato season is nearly at an end as leaves slowly crumple up and turn brown. But that hasn’t stopped the Earthbox from producing another 1.83 lbs. this week.

And in Pepper Land, Carmen is still going strong, with another five reds ready for picking and seven greens in the pipeline. (Pipeline?! Yikes…apparently, you can take the girl out of the corporate world…but you can’t take the corporate out of the girl. Need more yogic analogy!)

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