I taught my usual Sunday morning class this morning. I arrived early, as I always do, to set up the room and get settled in myself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a slow-flow Vinyasa class that has a wide range of students including numerous older/elderly students. While I keep the room pretty warm, this is the furthest thing possible from a hot/Bikram class. If Bikram is the yoga equivalent of the Sahara, we’re a lovely and temperate Hawaii – mid 70s, comfortable, dare I even say delightful?
When I walked in at 9 a.m., half an hour before my class starts, the studio’s thermometer read 84 degrees. I was already in a full-body sweat from my 10-minute walk from home, so I headed straight for the A/C…only to find a locked lucite box had been attached over it, preventing me from adjusting the studio’s temp.

I stared, perplexed. The box stared back. Absurdly, I tried to pry it off, reach under it, jiggle it free. Finally, hot, sweaty, and irritated, I made my way to the front desk and was told by my receptionist buddy that the manager doesn’t work on the weekends, but had had the lock boxes installed to prevent instructors from adjusting the temperature.

The fact that instructors just might be in the best position to judge and adjust the studio’s temperature based on the safety and comfort of their students seems to escape management at this particular establishment.

Only one thing to do. Cue a Rageface.

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