World Yoga DayI was thrilled to lead a Wold Yoga Day event in Boston again this year.

This very special event debuted last year when the Prime Minister of India petitioned the U.N. to globally acknowledge the impact and importance that yoga has had around the world.

Last year, I lead a practice on the docks of the Charles River on a beautiful sunny day in the middle of the afternoon.

This year, I lead a practice in the quiet sanctuary of Boston’s Public Garden as the sun set. One attendee, blogger Sanae from Blue Boots Go took this photo and it so accurately captures the stillness, the collective connection of the group, and the bond we formed with the verdant, green nature around us.

Ah, sigh.

If you’re in Boston and love to be outdoors as much as I do, join us all summer, every Wednesday, on the Esplanade. Free and open to all. <3

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