This year, I spent my birthday speaking and teaching yoga at Cape Cod’s Love Yoga Fest.

Back in my corporate days, I’d always withdrawal one precious vacation day out of the HR benefit bank (and I hoarded those days like a freaking Dickensian miser lol) and spend it…by myself…at the beach, journaling and enjoying the solace and soul-filling experience that is the simple pleasure of being by an ocean.





Because my birthday is in the summer (so a little more than 1/2 way through the year), I’d use it as an opportunity to do a mid-year check in with myself–a version of a mid-year review…but you know, with less stomach-churning dread. 😉

That is still my tradition. But this year in between teaching, talking to students/vendors/teachers/attendees, and generally running around all day, I didn’t get much downtime or journaling/reflecting time. And I definitely didn’t take the day off.

Which is when I realized: WOW! My life now is such that I love my work SO much, I choose to spend my birthday–the one day out of the whole year when you can unapologetically make it all about you–I get to spend MY day doing work I love! I get to teach and share tools that I’m passionate about, that I’ve found illuminating and transformational, helping others to find their paths, the courage to step into their most fulfilling lives, techniques to de-stress during the day and enhance their sleep and embrace wellness in a new way.

Instead of trying to escape my work life because my work made me so unhappy, I’m actually happy to spend my birthday working…because I’ve created a life where I love what I do. Where I believe in and am fulfilled by my work. Where I feel like my work truly helps people transform and elevate their lives.

My hope is that each of you will find work and create lives where you feel the same about what you do. It is DEFINITELY worth it. I promise! <3

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