Nothing says holidays like baking cookies…yoga pose cookies that is.

I sketched these out on heavy duty paper from an art store, making yoga pose cutouts (they're cute–admit it!),

Then I made this super simple, super delicious sugar cookie recipe from Alton Brown over at the food network (Note: the dough needs to refrigerate for a few hours between making it and rolling them out. Learn from my mistake and read the whole recipe first!)

I placed ice cubes all over the counter to chill it down (warm countertops melt the butter in the dough too fast, making it a gooey mess), placed my cutouts on the dough, and cut around each with a steak knife.

Popped them in the oven for 7 minutes (note: Alton says rotate them every three minutes. Oh, Alton, you little devil! What the heck does that mean?! In an effort to follow this confusing direction, I rotated the trays 90 degrees and switched the trays from oven rack top to bottom just to mix them up as much as possible. Are you impressed, Alton? Are you??)

They are super delicious and really easy to make. Get going!


  1. The dough gets crumbly–patch it back together with a spritz of water. I used my curly-haired sister Hanna's curl-spritzing bottle. It worked!
  2. Keep the counters cool near a hot oven with ice on them
  3. THOROUGHLY dry the counters, dust them with powdered sugar
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  5. Dust the rolling pin with powdered sugar too–otherwise the damn dough will stick to it too.
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