It takes a village…to finish/polish/publish a book. Here’s who helped me:

The Book:

Writing Coach and Editing:
Andrea Finlay

Copy Editing and Proofreading:
Wayne Parrish

This Fabulous Website:
Sauced Media


Book Trailer:

Director and Editor:
Sandy Gonzalez
*Check out the trailer here!

Caitlin Murphy, hair and makeup

Valerie Harrison, hair and makeup

Jen Lynn
(plays Gloria)

Jenna McGowan (plays Summer)

Kelly Eherenreich (plays Brinley)

Laura Putnam (plays Vicky)

Matt Phillion (plays Charles)

Natalia Musatova (plays Thea)

Sean McPherson (plays Walshy)

Valerie Hines (plays Betsy)