If you are a conference/event founder or talent/presenter scout …

If you’re interested in booking Sara as a speaker, teacher, or presenter, please email her at sara (at)

She would be delighted to discuss potential collaborations and opportunities. Sara speaks and teaches across the country at events from including the MASS Conference for Women, WELL Summit New York City, Nantucket Yoga Festival, LA Film Festival, Muse & the Marketplace Literary Conference, Texas Yoga Conference, Women’s Global Leadership Summit, Maine Yoga Festival, WELL Summit Boston, Nantucket Book Festival, Cape Cod’s Yoga Festival, Love Yoga Fest, The GOOD Fest, and many more, and looks forward to learning more about your event


If you are considering a career change…

If you read my book or came to an event I spoke at, and are looking for a little more support, insight, and advice about where in the OM you are, or what the OM you want to do (or HOW to take that first or next step), I offer a limited number of 1:1 sessions.

In these 1-hour sessions, we’ll talk about where you are with your life/career/whatever you’re wrestling with/contemplating/considering. I’ll share what worked for me to find my path and live my most fulfilling life, key questions you need to ask yourself before you “make the leap,” including concrete steps you can take to take that first (or next!) step on into your most fulfilling life, and next steps.

My goal is to make sure you feel supported, empowered, and ready to take your next step.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, email me for rates and availability at sara (at) saradivello (dot) com


If you want to write a book…

It takes a village…to finish/polish/publish a book. Here’s who helped me with Where in the OM Am I?:

Writing Coach and Editing:
Andrea Finlay

Copy Editing and Proofreading:
Wayne Parrish (she is social media-averse; send a message for her contact info)

This Fabulous Website:
Sauced Media


Book Trailer:

Director and Editor:
Sandy Gonzalez
*Check out the trailer here!

Caitlin Murphy, hair and makeup

Valerie Harrison, hair and makeup

Jen Lynn
(plays Gloria)

Jenna McGowan (plays Summer)

Kelly Eherenreich (plays Brinley)

Laura Putnam (plays Vicky)

Matt Phillion (plays Charles)

Natalia Musatova (plays Thea)

Sean McPherson (plays Walshy)

Valerie Hines (plays Betsy)